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If you would like to speak with a Tax Resolution Specialist – who is also an Enrolled Agent and retired Associate Chief of IRS Appeals – regarding an IRS audit, collection notice/levy/lien,  an IRS appeal or any other tax controversy situation you have with the IRS, California or other State tax agency, I am available for a telephone, e-mail or in-person consultation.  

I do not charge for the initial brief E-mail consultation to discuss general information about your Notice of Examination, Notice of Deficiency or any Collection Notice.   However, if you are seeking specific advice for your personal tax controversy, that is specialized consultation focused on your individual tax scenario for which a fee applies.  Please see the page on fees for further  information.

I do not charge for your initial consultation by E-mail to discuss your potential qualification for an Offer in Compromise  However, you must first fully complete and submit the online Offer Questionnaire in advance so that I have the necessary background information.

NOTE: If you do purchase consultation time from me, and within seven (7) days of our consultation date you engage me to represent you in your tax controversy, I will apply one (1) hour of your prepaid consultation toward your representation retainer.  In effect, this makes your 1-hour of specific consultation free. Otherwise, the minimum consultation fee is for one hour, is not refundable, but can be used within one (1) year of its purchase for office, telephone or e-mail consultation/communications. Any prepaid consultation purchased beyond the first hour, if not used, may be refunded upon written request.

If you are in need of an IRS expert witness for Federal tax-related litigation, you may wish to consult with me regarding my potential testimony as it relates to your case.   I have given expert testimony in the California Superior Court system.  Having in-depth understanding of and over three decades of experience with the IRS practices and procedures certainly contributes toward my value as a witness in a Federal tax related matter.

Do you have a general tax question you wish to ask?  If so, please click on the link Ask a Question to submit your question.  There is no charge for this service. Be sure, however, to first check out the Technical Issues page of this web site as many of the frequently asked questions are discussed there in detail.

Please feel free to E-mail me about any question you have regarding consultation. 

Dick Norton , EA
Tax Resolution Specialist