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On this page are links to other pages on this website that contain a detailed discussion of the listed topic.

The information presented in these pages is believed accurate as of the date the page was posted to the Internet. However, tax law is always undergoing change, so the technical information presented herein cannot be – and is not – guaranteed to be up-to-date.

Please understand that the information provided herein is solely intended to make you aware of possible solutions to your tax problems, or to make you more familiar with the tax treatment of specific types of income or expenses. You will not become an expert simply by reading the information. However, understanding as much as you can about a particular topic will make you more effective in communicating with your tax professional, or the tax agency.

Often, code sections will interact with each other – meaning that a specific transaction could have impact in more than one area of a return, or require some change to a prior year return that must be addressed.

Unless you have an overall understanding of the Internal Revenue Code, attempting to represent yourself in an audit or appeal, or to prepare your own return when you have sophisticated issues to contend with, is not recommended.

The applicability of the information contained herein to your financial situation will always depend upon your personal facts and circumstances. Before taking any action based upon the information contained on this site, please – contact us or another tax professional for personalized guidance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to submit them through the Ask Me link. I am also available for consultation if you need further information on a topic, or want to discuss your particular circumstances.

29 College Savings Plans
1031 Tax-free Exchanges
Administrative Appeals
Adoption Credit
Advance Payments
Affordable Care Act – Premium Credit
Affordable Care Act – Overview
Amended Returns
AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax)
Appeals Process and Procedures
Audits – Why, What and IRS Audit Help
Audit Technique Guides (ATG)
Attorney Fees
Automobile Expenses
Capital Gains and Losses
Casualty Losses
Casualty Loss (disaster)
Child Care Credit
Child Tax Credit
Claims for Refund
Clean Burning Fuel Deduction
Closing Agreements
Collection Appeals (CAP)
Collection Due Process (CDP)
Collection Financial Standards
Contributions – General
Contribution of Cars, etc.
Converting to a Roth IRA
Criminal Prosecution
Dependent Care
Dependent Exemption
Dependent Income Taxes
Depreciation Changes
Disability Benefits (Taxability)
Disability Tax Benefits – Deductions
Disabled Taxpayers – Tax Return Tips
Divorced Taxpayers – Name Change
Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
Educational Credits
Employee vs. Ind. Contractor
Employee Business Expenses
Energy Tax Credits
Filing Status Chart
First Time Homebuyer Credit
Foreclosures/Short Sales
Foreign Accounts and Assets Reporting
Fringe Benefits
Gifts and Inheritances – General Info
Health Savings Accounts (HSA)
Hobby Losses
Home-Based Businesses
Home Buyer Credit
Home Computer
Home Office
Household Employee Taxes
Hybrid Tax Credit
Innocent Spouse
Installment Agreements
Interest Abatement
Interest Paid (Mortgage) – including points
Interest Rates
IRS Notices
Job Hunting Expenses
Kiddie Tax
Levy Exclusion Amounts (IRS)Limited Liability Companies
Lien releases – FTB
Making Work Pay Credit
Meals-Business Entertainment
Medical/Dental Expenses
Military Matters
Missing W-2 Form
Net Operating Losses (NOL)
Offers in Compromise
Offers – IRS vs. FTB Comparison
Office in the Home
Premium Tax Credit – AFC
Record Keeping Requirements
Rental Income and Expenses
Residence Sale – Gain Exclusion
Retirement Plan – FAQs
Retirement Plan Rollovers
Retirement Savers Credit
Section 861-865 Scam
Section 911 Scam
Seizures and Levies
Social Security Benefits
Statute of Limitations
Statutory Notice of Deficiency
Substitute Returns (IRS prepares return)
Surrogacy Fees (income/deduction)
Tax Amnesty (CA FTB)
Tax Credits – Four Important Ones
Tax Law Changes (2005+)
Tax Rate Schedules (1997-2004)
Tax Refund Offsets
Taxable vs. Non-taxable Income
TEFRA (Partnership)
Trust Fund Recovery Penalty
Tuition and Fees Deduction
United States Tax Court