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State Tax Agencies (Official Websites)

US Tax Law Sites

US Code, Internal Revenue Code, Tax Treaties, Social Security, court cases and commentary

United States Code  complete US Code, including Tax Code, from the Cornell University Law School’s Legal Information Institute.
Comprehensive Government Document Source from LegalTrek.com of Chicago, Illinois.
US Tax Treaties  all tax treaties in force between the US and over 50 foreign countries – from Uncle Fed’s Tax-Board
Internal Revenue Bulletins  from the IRS, since 1996.
IRS Forms and Publications   from the IRS, available in multiple formats.
Internal Revenue Regulations  from the IRS web site.
Social Security Totalization Treaties  details on totalization treaties with foreign countries, from the Social Security Administration.
Social Security Retirement guide   from the SSA.

Business Law and Other Business & Legal Sites

Law sites dealing with US court cases, business and commercial law sources.

  • Uniform Commercial Code   searchable Code, including individual states, brought to you by Cornell University Law School.
  • Court Decisions:  US Supreme Court and US Circuit Courts  actual text of federal appeals court cases and US Supreme Court cases, generally back to 1992 (+/- 2 or 3 years).  Compiled by Emory University, Cornell Law School, and a handful of other law schools.  Some other cases and administrative rulings are included in various federal circuits.
  • Federal Register   searchable Federal Register, on US Government database, from the US Government Printing Office Access Online.
  • ABA Law Link  starting point for on-line legal research:  Federal legislation, courts, law school links, etc.
  • Economic data interest rates, money supply, inflation (CPI), etc. from the Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis.
  • Foreign currency historical data from Werner Antweiler at the University of British Columbia.

Tax Directory
Your one-stop destination for anything you can think about Tax. This Tax Directory is designed to help its users find the Tax information, source, companies, products and services.

AccountingPage – Comprehensive Financial Services Web Directory
Debt Resolution

Taxpayers with tax debt issues often have non-tax debts as well.  As part of an overall solution to their financial challenges, renegotiation of their debts and clean up of their credit file can be very important.  A business associate of mine – Dave Schram – focuses on such issues and has experienced very good success in helping his clients with their non-tax financial issues. 

This is Dave’s contact information:

Dave Schram
2901 Sycamore Avenue
La Crescenta, CA 91214
(818) 813-8230 Pacific Time
(877) 754-0480  FAX

 * Collection, repo, charge-off permanent deletion success rate about 92% when debts are not yet paid.
* Debt buyer accounts up to 100% debt elimination + deletions
* Complex & difficult cases if we accept
* Foreclosure & short sale deletions and workouts via our lawyer network in 43 states
* Debt settlement with deletions that are impossible for other firms
* IRS tax lien deletion success rate 94%
* Judgments success off credit about 70%
*  Limited late payment cases, not oops–my excuse is…
* ID theft only if it really happened

This is a link to the Yelp 5-star reviews Dave has earned.

Higher Education

Here are a couple of links that may prove useful when you are dealing with high college educational costs.  Under the TECHNICAL ISSUES section of the website, you can read about the rules concerning educational credits and deductions.  Generally, there are AGI limitations to getting either a credit or a deduction, so keeping down costs can be a valuable pursuit!