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I welcome the opportunity to prepare your Federal (IRS), California State (FTB) personal income tax returns and select returns from other States.  I use the most widely used and powerful software package (LaCerte) and latest generation computers to ensure that your returns are accurate.  Further, this powerful software’s diagnostics suggests alternative tax treatments of your financial transactions to minimize your tax liability, or increase your refund.

Electronic filing for current year returns and the prior two years is generally available.  Filing electronically provides you with an immediate acknowledgement of acceptance of your IRS or State filing.  Further, if you are due a refund, it expedites its delivery as either a direct deposit to your checking account, or by way of a traditional check.

By using LaCerte software, very fast computers and efficient tax organizers, I can prepare your personal income tax returns accurately in less time (and usually for less cost) than you would expect.  Once you provide me with your completed tax organizer, copies of your information documents (W-2, `1099, 1098, K-1, etc) and your deposit, I will draft your returns usually within 48 hours and E-mail you a copy for your approval.  Once approved, and after I have received the balance of the fee, I will E-file your current year returns with the IRS, FTB and/or other state, and mail you copies and certification of IRS and State acceptance for your files.   Delinquent returns more than two years late generally must be mailed to the tax agencies, and they are included in the package I will send you.

What is important to remember is that your returns are prepared quickly with no travel or time off work on your part, and prepared by a professional (not by someone who only prepares returns during the filing season, and sells real estate or does some other activity throughout the rest of the year!).    When the IRS, FTB or other state tax agency sees that your return has been prepared by a professional (E. A., CPA or Attorney), it should improve your odds of avoiding an audit. 

However, if you select a preparer that the IRS has identified as one who historically files inaccurate returns (often labeled as a “questionable practitioner” by the IRS), then often the IRS will audit ALL clients of that preparer.   That is why it is so important that you select a qualified professional to prepare your return.

For your peace of mind, in the unlikely event your return is selected for audit, I can represent you all the way through the administrative appeals process – without you having to take time off work to meet with the IRS or FTB.  A significant number of  firms and individuals preparing returns cannot offer this kind of service If the firm does not have an Enrolled Agent, CPA or Attorney on staff, they cannot represent you in all administrative levels of the IRS and most State tax agencies!   In fact, a part of my practice is representing clients of other firms before IRS Appeals as they lack the credentials (and authority) to represent those clients at that level. 

For the vast majority of my clients, I am able to prepare their personal income tax returns by communicating with them using the Internet, as well as by fax and occasionally mail.  Think about the advantages this offers to you! You save gas and time by using the Internet and fax from your home or office. 

For individuals who have difficulty getting to my office and who do not have the capability of working over the Internet, I do offer local in-home preparation of income tax returns.  There is a reasonable travel charge involved (varies with the distance from my office to your location) that helps cover my travel expense and time. 

As a convenience for my clients, I accept payment by major credit and debit cards, Zelle and PayPal.  

For my return preparation clients, I provide them via e-mail with a tax organizer (or the link to download one) that is available in several formats.  This document helps you organize and record your financial transactions for the year.  It will also further my responsibility of ensuring that all income has been properly reported, and that you have received the maximum benefit for all deductible expenses.   For clients who do not have computer capability, I will mail or fax a printed organizer to be filled out manually and returned.

As mentioned previously, it is important to have your returns prepared by a professional who is also licensed to represent you in the unlikely event the IRS, FTB or other state agency decides to audit your tax return.  As an Enrolled Agent licensed by the United States Treasury Department, I can represent you in an IRS, FTB or other state tax audit without you having to appear in person.  This avoids you having to take time off work – and the anxiety and/or stress you may feel from sitting across the table from an IRS agent

There is another reason for considering having a former IRS agent prepare your returns.  Having worked at the IRS for over 30 years, I can typically spot what may be a potentially questionable deductions on your return, and ensure they these items are adequately explained in at attached statement to minimize the likelihood of an audit.

I have added a page to this site of common errors taxpayers make in both tax planning and in doing their own returns.  You can check that web page out by clicking here.

Please E-mail or call if you wish to discuss retaining me to prepare your current year returns (or to prepare delinquent returns or amendments to prior year returns).  Remember – it costs NOTHING for the estimate. 

If after receiving your estimate you wish me to prepare your returns, once you have executed an Engagement Letter and taken care of your deposit, I will provide you with the tax organizer or its link in your preferred format.

Dick Norton, EA

Tax Resolution Specialist